Rich and aromatic flavors come from the special varieties of apples grown in the Finnish light Summer

Every bottle is produced with the traditional method of making Calvados.

Made of hand picked organic apples without any artificial additives

A Premium Quality Apple Spirit - L’Omena® - made from the finest, handpicked organic grown apples. Omena means apple in Finnish. These specially selected apples come from the Linna Apple Orchard, which is a part of historical apple farming tradition in Southern Finland. It was started by farmer and apple enthusiast, Mr. Jalmari Linna, who was also a Member of Parliament. The Linna Apple Orchard is located in the village of Virkkala by the Lohja Lake, and it has now been run by the Linna family for three generations.

L’Omena has been processed and controlled with special care by Liqueur Master, Mr. Jorma Virtanen. His 45 years of experience in the liqueur and wine making business guarantees the high quality of our apple spirit.

The super premium L'Omena Apple Spirit is totally free of any additives. Made right for your enjoyment. L'Omena® is a registered trademark of KULINAARIO company.

Mr. Jalmari Linna
founded Linna Apple
Orchard in 1931.

Linna Apple Orchard has been in the family since the early 1930s. A farmer and parliamentarist, Mr. Jalmari Linna, founded an apple orchard that spearheaded the professional apple industry in the whole Lohja area. The orchard has been organic since the 1960s. Jalmari passed his legacy to his son Lauri, who took care of the trees until the end of his days. Nowadays the orchard is in the hands of the third generation, Lauri’s daughters Helena and Liisa and their families.

Our every single apple
is hand-picked and
organically grown.

Though L’Omena is produced in a very professional way, it is entirely a labor of love. It is the whole family’s common hobby as well as a source of pride. Our apples get their special flavor from the light Nordic summer nights. By picking the apples by hand we ensure that only the best and the purest are chosen. That is where our strict quality control starts and continues without compromises throughout the whole production chain. We love our apples and we hope you will love our L’Omena Apple Spirit.

Traditional methods
and know-how translate into premium quality in the making
of our apple spirit.

The world is full of major companies that produce alcoholic drinks. We admire the French and raise our hats to them for making the best apple spirit on the planet. We decided to look into Calvados and find out if we could match the quality of their products with our apple spirit. To do that we use our own special Finnish apple varieties, but the traditional method. Now sit back, take a sip of L’Omena, and decide for yourself how we did!

We are a micro distillery
and to reflect that,
all our bottles are numbered.

Our goal is to produce extremely small volumes to few select enthusiasts; to the lovers of Calvados, our role model from Normandy, people who appreciate quality and pursue the little enjoyments of life with passion. We have poured decades of love and enthusiasm into our apple spirit, along with experience and skill. You hold the culmination of it all in your hands.

You can make sure
that you are buying
the authentic product.

The world has changed and today people like to know what it is they are buying, where it comes from and to verify its authenticity. They also like to be sure about the quality of the product. Many times products only look like the original but are actually fakes. Therefore we have protected all of our micro distillery’s bottles. By simply scanning the QR or the NFC code you can check it is authentic, and before you break the seal you can ensure it hasn’t been contaminated. We think you have the right to buy the real thing.

This is all about
passion, love and sharing
a great experience.

We all have a dream. We, Renne and Jorma, decided to realize our own. Without Jorma’s 45 years of expe- rience in liqueur and spirit production we couldn’t have made it happen. We have made L'Omena with as high standards and criteria as possible from the very beginning. We bought tailor-made old port wine barrels from Portugal for the ageing. Nothing is added into the product and no compromises are made in the production. We would love to hear your feedback. Please visit our web site and share your opinion. Thank you!

Innovative packaging and hand made look and feel makes the rememberable brand image of L’Omena®